Stop Killer Robots! – Institute joins international coalition

Stop Killer Robots

Organisations from different countries around the world have united and created the Stop Killer Robots campaign. This is a global coalition of NGOs and academic partners working towards international regulations on the use of autonomous weapons. In the face of increasing digital dehumanisation, we should ensure human control over the use of force.

Autonomous weapons change the relationship between humans and technology by handing over decision-making, concerning our life and death, to machines. It undermines human control over the use of force and, where humans are its target, dehumanises us – reducing us to a collection of data.

Technologies are designed and created by humans. Therefore, we have a responsibility to set boundaries between what is acceptable and what is not.

We are proud to announce that the Civil Affairs Institute has joined the Stop Killer Robots international community as the first Polish organisation. We share the values and activities of the coalition, which alignare with the Institute’s mission. Stop Killer Robots is a global coalition of more than 250 international, regional and national NGOs and academic partners working in 70 countries to ensure human control over the use of force through the development of new international law. We will keep you updated on our activities in the coalition.

Marta Stępniak, Paweł Marczak

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